Multiplatform Z80 Assembly Development tools

Download the toolkit - Last update 2018/4/23... Now includes Sam Coupe support!
Download the latest sample code
Watch the Introduction on Youtube!

These Z80 tools are a collection of free software I have collected together with some scripts to allow them to be easily used.
These tools are intended to allow a relative beginner to compile simple programs that will compile to multiple 8 bit destination systems.
All compilation is done with 'Winape's' , and it's easy to compile for different platforms simply by commenting in or out the definitions for the platform you wish to compile to

Please use these tools at your own risk.
They are provided freely in the hope they will be of use, and have been tested to the best of my ability but I cannot test in all situations or guarantee they will not harm your computer in some unexpected way.
These tools have been tested on Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7 64 bit, and Windows XP 32 bit
With the exception of MsxHeader and PlusThreeHeader and the scripts and examples  I did not write the tools provided in this kit - to my knowledge, all the tools in here are Free and open source, and there is no reason they cannot be redistributed - Lif you know otherwise, please notify me and I will take appropriate action to resolve the issue.
Extract the files from the archive into a folder on your machine - you need to preserve the directory structure
To start run "Zdrive.bat" this will create a virtual Z drive on your machine
From that Z drive use "CPC" to start winape - which should be used for all assembly, see Sources\HelloWorld.asm for the sample file
when you are done use "Zdrive-remove" to remove the Z drive
Please see my Youtube channel for more examples of how to use these tools.


WabbitEmu will not work without a rom file - I cannot provide roms to licensing, so please supply your own
MSX_Disk will not work without Sony HitBit rom files (or reconfigure the script to use other rom files you have) - I cannot provide roms to licensing - MSX_GO does not use disk roms and will work fine.
EP128emu has OpenGl disabled in the batch file - this is because it caused problems during testing on my Windows 10 virtual machine - it's likely to be an isolated issue, so please edit the ENT_xxx.bat files if you want better performance.

The included version of Wabbitemu and OpenMSX are not the latest, this is to maintain WindowsXP compatibility... I did this to make it easy for people who don't use windows to use these tools in a virtual machine - you can update these programs to the latest version if you wish.

I've been playing a bit with programming on the Enterprise 64/128, and I'm pretty impressed with the hardware, but because of the relative obscurity of the system, and its failure in the UK, finding english resources has proved difficult.


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Buy Chibi Akuma(s) from PolyPlay
Buy ChibiAkuma(s) games now!

Buy Chibi Akuma(s) from PolyPlay
Buy ChibiAkuma(s) games now!